Sunday, 15 June 2008

Stop Press: We did it!

At 2.15pm today we finally arrived at John O'Groats:

From left to right: Ian Wright, Geoff Nicholas (Capt), Averil Martin, Nigel Deakin, Mick Cousins, Tom Howes.

Come back later today for the full story...

Today: Day 14 Bettyhill to John O'Groats and Wick


  1. Congratulations from New Zealand. Finally made it, that is a marvellous achievement. I trust you will celebrate with a big English breakfast, just like you did in Camelford, Bampton, Chepstow, Ludlow, Northwich... I would recommend coming down here and doing Bluff to Cape Reinga, 1,000km. All the best from Richard, Marian, Oliver and Alex.

  2. My husband is exceptionally silly.... Bluff to Cape Reinga is over 2000km. I should know I've rowed the distance two and a half times. Well done Nigel. Now you can go home and soak in the bath for an extended period.

  3. Richard, Marian - I might take you up on the NZ "End to End" suggestion one day. I just hope it wouldn't be as windy as the last time I cycled in NZ (which was in Wellington).

  4. Many congratulations to you all! Tom, do get in touch when you've recovered and can walk again!

    Best wishes from all at Headway Cambridgeshire