Monday, 19 May 2008

The Journey

My name is Nigel Deakin and in June 2008 I'm going to spend two weeks cycling the “End to End” or "LEJOG" from Land's End in south-western England to John O'Groats in north-eastern Scotland.

This is probably the longest journey you can make in Britain, between the two most distant places on the island. The straight-line distance is about 600 miles, but that would involve crossing a lot of water; the distance by road is closer to 900 miles and by the route we’re planning to take it is about 950 miles.

It's a trip that I've been meaning to do for several years and so it’s mainly been a case of getting around to it and finding the right companions. So when I heard that several other members of Cambridge CTC were planning to do the ride in 2008, I didn't hesitate to join them.

There are six of us making the journey, and I've started this blog to tell our friends and anyone else interested about our plans and, once the trip has started, to give a regular update on how we are getting on.

So please come back periodically and find out how we are getting on. You can send us comments using the “make a comment” feature of this website. We’d welcome any tips and suggestions you’d like to send us about the ride or the places we will be visiting. And of course encouragement is always welcome.

Some of us are also using this trip to raise money for charity, so watch out for blatant appeals for money in a future posting.


  1. Haven't seen you for a while during the training but GOOD LUCK on the ride.
    Happy cycling.
    Jerry Broomfield