Friday, 6 June 2008

Day 5: Ludlow to Northwich (81 miles)

or, round the Wrekin with Nigel Deakin

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Breakfast at the Church Inn in Ludlow is worth a special mention today as it was served in an exceptional double-height hall overlooking Ludlow Churchyard. Afterwards we made our way along the B4365 and B4368 towards Much Wenlock.

We were riding through much flatter countryside than on previous days. However a steady headwind prevented us maintaining as high a speed as would otherwise be possible. Apart from the breeze the weather was excellent: dry all day, and warm and sunny for most of the time.

After coffee and walnut cake in Much Wenlock we continued north, skirting the west side of The Wrekin (a prominent hill in Telford) before following mostly quiet roads to Market Drayton.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find a lunch stop in Market Drayton we took our lunch in the idyllic surroundings of Morrison's supermarket.

Then we switched to main roads as we continued our journey north. The A528 to Nantwich was very quiet, and we enjoyed a pleasant half hour relaxing in the late afternoon sunshine in the centre of the town.

Next we took the B5075 and A530 to Middlewich. By now it was the afternooon rush hour and these were very busy, narrow, roads. Not recommended. However by the time we got to Middlewich we were committed and so we continued by the A530 to Northwich and, just beyond it, our beautiful and very comfortable guest house at Pickmere.

Vital statistics: Distance: 81 miles. Average speed: 12.7 mph. Total distance from Land's End: 381 miles.

Tomorrow: Day 6 Northwich to Milnthorpe


  1. Doing well with the weather Nigel. Any sign of the team members breaking out the blade steak yet?

  2. Were the Wenlocks a bit Much? How about Little Wenlock? Sounds as if you are having great fun. Love hearing about food breaks. A x

  3. Just back from seeing Rob in Grimes - excellent! A thought occurs - we hear a lot about cyclists being an outsider group, so why not a production with Grimes as the only cyclist and the others all in cars (and that spiv Ned Keene in a Merc or SUV). Something to ponder as you pedal north?
    keep up the cake intake! avanti, Tim

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    Anne: Much Wenlock was very nice. I would have phoned Mrs W. if there had been any Vodafone reception there...

    Marian: No need for steaks yet; still feeling quite comfortable apart from an aching neck after a long day on the drops.