Sunday, 1 June 2008

Land's End

A smooth train journey to Penzance for Nigel, Ian and Geoff., though Averil, Tom and Mick had to travel on a later service because there wasn't space for their bikes on the London to Penzance train, despite us all having reservations.

Despite drizzle on the way, our arrival in Penzance was greeted by warm evening sunshine. We had a gorgeous ride via Mousehole and St Bunyan to our small hotel in Sennen, pausing briefly for a photostop at Land's End before retiring for a couple of pints at the "First and Last Inn in England" close by.

Tomorrow: Day 1 Land's End to Camelford


  1. Hope you all have a good breakfast to send you on your trek. Regards to you all. A & R

  2. Have a fantastic ride, guys (and Averil). SW winds all the way now! Peter D

  3. Glad to see "The Gadget" is doing its stuff OK.

    Strange definition of "smooth train journey" if your reservations don't actually count for anything!

    Best of luck - at least its down to you now, not the vagaries of public transport.

  4. It's good to see you have sunshine
    It's raining again here!